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Simply put, we are 4 guys that love South Louisiana, and for a variety of reasons. Some of us love golf and we certainly enjoy taking advantage of our area’s underrated golf scene. Some of us love the great fishing and outdoors that our geography offers. Others crave the Casinos and burgeoning Broadway district. The entertainment options are limitless.

      We are all certain this is the world’s greatest dining scene, not to mention the world’s finest cocktail destination. We want to share that with you. From the renowned festivities of Bourbon St. to the hidden dining and drinking gems that only socialite locals would know.

      Our passion is to share the overall experience of the area, our collective life experiences will certainly work to your benefit as we set your party up so the man of the hour is treated like a “King”.



Robbie Breaux

Benton LeBlanc

Shawn Breaud

Shane Songy


(985) 688-2110‬



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